Sunday, 12 April 2020

Round 2 | W E A R D E M J E W E L S C H A L L E N G E # 6

Time for post number 6 of the Wear Dem Jewels Challenge - this time choosing the Gold Bamboo Earrings, mine are from Callie's Picks and are priced in SC's, so should be fairly easy to pick up in the Bazaar if you are interested in them. I'm incredibly surprised at how quickly I was able to style these - I was expecting to struggle a little^ I styled the makeup first, choosing firey tones with oranges, red and even some pink, I really love this look and I think the chunky lashes works well with the heaviness of the earrings. The looks didn't completely match with the makeup, but I think they work very well with the overall beauty styling =)
First up I just adored the chain printing on this blouse against the earrings - I think it's a pretty perfect pairing! I think this is my favourite styling I've put together with this blouse, I think the light trousers really transform the styling in comparison with darker pieces. I kept minimal on the accessories, but highlighting gold, I love the colour match of the bag base to the trousers, I need to remember to repeat that sometime^ Overall, really loving it! And I'm also loving the second styling - super simple with just a dress, but this piece is perfect to wear with golden jewellery =D I did play on the makeup look for the accessories, these shoes and the bag are a great colour pairing, the peachy tone is one we don't have a lot of, and I love that these pair perfectly. The delicate golden bow detail on the shoes is perfect to make them well fitting with the dress. I love this look so much, I haven't taken it off since styling it!

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