Friday, 24 April 2020

H O T B U Y S C A R R Y A L L S T R A W B A G | Styled Outfits

I asked some friends to pick out pieces from my wardrobe for me to style up - here is the first suggestion, the Hotbuys Carry All Straw Bag - this piece came out in the Summer of 2017 and I think I can only think of maybe one time I've worn it since my original styling with it. I think I've kept a hold of it for its unique large size, and a raffia tote is a style that has been repeating in the trends for sure.
In my looks I started with the original sizing, and then decreased the size across the looks. It's definitely easier to style as a smaller piece, but I still really like it as a massive bag! First up styling it quite smartly with this slinky golden dress, I love this colour with the raffia, I think it works really well. I kept a similar tone with the boots too, and I also love them with the bag. The jacket is simple but I think it works well to make this a Spring look over a Summer one. Next up a very casual styling for me, featuring jeans! I don't wear jeans often, but I do think a lighter wash denim like this one works well with the bag. I really liked using these sandals with the straw platform, they also work really well with the bag, and the white on the straps meant I could get away with wearing a white shirt in the look. I like the smarter style of the blazer too to dress up the jeans a little. It's not my favourite, but I'd wear it again for sure! And lastly with the bag at the smallest that I sized it to, my favourite look - all the beige^ I actually got a lot of GB comments about this one, you guys seem to like the beige too. These trousers are a great Spring/Summer piece, so the style matches up nicely with the bag and I kept that theme with the sandals too. I love a matching top, so I couldn't resist this choice, but the dark sunglasses definitely work to help break up the beige a little!

Let me know what you guys think of this bag and the stylings =D

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