Wednesday, 29 April 2020

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At the end of 'Week 2 of VINYL' we were surprised with a second release of It Girls:Recoloured as I like to call it, this was great! This release was all about the bold colours and neon (which I think you can see from the features^) and really covered a lot of older items including Tributes and Hotbuys - plus the prices were very fair, I think that helped a lot with making many purchases! So first up the features, this look is from sarah_1980 styling the Balenciaga Inspired Bag, Balenciaga Inspired Hood Acid Green, alongside the Balenciaga Inspired Pantashoes from the previous release - what a combination! Neon isn't usually my thing, but I think it really works here - the combination is just right and the green is nicely balanced, it somehow works well against this bright bubble coat. The white shirt tails and cuffs really make a good balance to the look. I like the accessorising with the sunglasses, and the fringe hairstyle is perfect for the style^
And then we also have GirlEwelina who also styles up the Balenciaga Inspired Bag, which I love worn paired with the original yellow one, it's such a cute idea and one which used to be super popular. The colours are fantastic against this rainbow blazer, what an amazing piece - it sure can't be easy to style and this outfit is amazing with it! The jeans give a more muted touch while the shoes add some more fun!
I really liked a lot of the recolours in this release, like the Sleeveless Black Turtleneck, it's such a classic and wearable style so it's great to have it in black now too (the original is white). I didn't style up everything I bought, so there's a few more fun recolours in my wardrobe. First up the Hotbuys Vinyl Couture Boots Neon Silver, which I was just recently talking about wanting the original red ones, so this is pretty perfect for me! I love the silver through the mesh section of this skirt, I think the pieces work really nicely together to highlight the features of each. Kept the rest of the look simple with a matching sweater and bag, super effective, but just lacking the perfect earrings. Second we have the Cream Puf Silk Puff Blouse, which is in such a beautiful neutral classic tone in comparison to the original purple, for me this makes it much more a wearable piece. I found it really easy to find matching trousers, I love these ones with a super similar colour but a matte effect to balance the sheen, and accessorising was simple with metallic pieces. And lastly the Balenciaga Inspired Boots White, I wear the original black pair all the time, they're really one of my most worn pairs, so this is another perfect addition to my wardrobe^ I had so many ideas for these that it was a little overwhelming, I was trying to fit too much into the look for sure! In the end a simple midi skirt and top with gold details in the look is perfect for the boots, they look great and I'm really excited to style these more =D

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