Wednesday, 8 April 2020

A R C H I V E | Styled Outfits

Last week we were incredibly lucky with the Archive release - all themed on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Many years ago there were a whole range of pieces with their name to them, including a selection of pieces which became 'Rares', a fun branded store aimed at a younger audience, and a brand that they designed themselves, Elizabeth and James. I was around at the time, but for many members these will be new - it's a real treat to have some of these pieces back, and at very affordable prices! I had a couple of the Elizabeth and James pieces before but have since sold them, like the Faithful Pants and the Highland Blouse, and I do still have the Mary-Kate Fur which has previously been released in Callie's Picks. This release has over 7 floors of pieces, so there is a lot to choose from and at all budgets too! I've picked up quite a few pieces to style, and actually I did style everything, but I was very unhappy with my stylings for the Isabella Jacket and the Relaxed James Blazer - it seems grey jackets aren't my thing, but I'll try again another time with them!
First up is the Ashley Yellow Dress, which I think is such a cute piece, really perfect for Summer stylings! The graphic style is older, but for me in this piece it works out well. I love yellow paired with white and I really kept it light and for Summer in my styling, the oversizing of the blazer balances the small size and short length of the dress, and I've kept the accessories basic, but it works for sure =) Next up the Mary-Kate Fur, which is quite a classic really, it's versatile so there are plenty of options for it. I've worn this before, so maybe it's a little unfair to include it, but it's a fun piece to work with. I went a little classy this time with smart trousers, and I loved this sheeny cami top, the pink against the white is something I really like, so I added a little more pink in the shoes and earrings, it really makes something different than classic black or white stylings. And finally the Tall Boots, which are a piece I've really been wanting for a long while, these are awesome boots^ I styled these up a few times before deciding on this look, it's simple, but in the other stylings I was making it too complicated and adding too much so the boots didn't get as much focus, but here they do. The colour is great with other purple shades but also pink, the muted pink hues in this dress are really perfect and I like the length against the height of the boots, it makes such a cute Spring styling! I think the darker bag works well too, it's not coming across as too overwhelming for the dress and balances well with the boots, I wanna wear this combination again for sure =D

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