Wednesday, 22 April 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | April 2019

Looked back at quite a few HB collections this month, and now time to look back to the 2019 HB's! These weren't my favourite initially because there's a lot of bright colours there but in the end I fell for all that orange - how could I not?! Some of these pieces have ended up being some of my most used for sure, like the Silky Orange Sweater, the Versace Inspired Bag and the Versace Inspired Shoes and actually I also styled up the Versace Inspired Pumps recently and loved it^ So today I'm styling the lesser worn pieces of my purchases from this collection, the Yellow Shoulder Bag and the Duchess Satin Skirt:
I think I say this quite a lot, but I love this duo of looks! The white and the bright sunshine colours really ties them together. With the bag, I knew I wanted to include other yellows, and I think the muted tone of these trousers works out very nicely and really works to help highlight the bag in the look. I kept the shoes a muted metallic too and this colour looks great with the metal details on the bag. The white shirt and blazer keep the rest of the look simple - I really like it^ And then with the skirt, which I usually find tricky because I automatically want to pair it with the matching top - I stuck away from that this time! One of the features of the skirt which I think also stops me from styling is the double layer, with the shorter piece on top - I got around that in this styling as the blazer conveniently covers that up and actually I love this combination! I like the oversizing of the top against the slimming of the skirt, I think it really works to help show off the slit and gold chain detail in the skirt. I kept the shoes simple to balance the coat, but added a showy bag - it's a perfect addition, the colour is great with the skirt and it gives some more details to the look. I think these two pieces have turned out great, I need to remember to wear them more often!

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