Friday, 10 April 2020

I T G I R L S | Styled Outfits

Last week ended with another re-coloured release, this time in It Girls featuring several Tribute pieces amongst a few others in a couple of different colours, there's some fabulous additions here! The pieces are pretty fun and really offer a host of styling opportunities with the different colours we have now.
First up the White Satin Dress, which also comes in Black and Pink, I love the texture of this with the blazer, the two are a perfect match and the colours are very complementary to each other. The accessories also have a sheen to them which makes them fit well to the look - simple, but I like it! Next up is the HotBuys Inspired Deer Print Shirt, and I have to say, I think I like the original much more than the blue version - I thought I would like this one too, but the colour is definitely a little tricky to find other blue pieces to match. It works well with white though, I like the relaxed fits of all of the pieces in this look. I added a little black in some of the accessories which works nicely to balance all the components of the top. And finally the Wide Black Trousers which were very easy to work with. I styled them smartly, but they'll easily work in a casual look too. They have a very matte effect to them, which I quite like. I picked out golden detailed accessories which stand out - super simple for a simple piece =)

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