Monday, 13 April 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | April 2015

Continuing the theme from last week, I'm looking back at the April 2015 Hotbuys today, which for me are pretty iconic because just look at all that Dior! I love the vibes of this collection a lot and amazingly have 5 pieces in my wardrobe - some I bought at the time and some that I've picked up in the Bazaar. I'm still on the hunt for those red Vinyl Couture Boots (Fallen Angel), I think they'd make some super cool stylings, but they're pretty elusive^ The Vinyl Handbag in the great green envelope style is one of my most worn bags, not just considering this collection or Hotbuys pieces, I really reach for it a lot to include in stylings. And I've actually gotten at least of couple of wears with the Vinyl Bouquet Coat over the years, while it's a little tricky, it looks amazing when in the right look! Today I'm giving the 2Piece Bouquet Gown and the Faux Croc Handbag a try:
I think this is a cute Spring-time set, but my word styling up this dress took a looooong time! I tried quite a few things, the design is definitely tricky to work with, for me the mid section between the two pieces is a little too wide to make it easy to wear the dress as a skirt, and also tricky for re-sizing. Naturally, this has a very large skirting too, which I found tricky to style with outerwear pieces. In the end, I'm pretty happy with what I finally managed to put together, it works out nicely that this blazer has a good colour fit with the printing on the dress and I made it small enough to work well enough as a skirt with a white sweater. I spent a long time trying out different accessory colours to match well with the dress, which has blues, pinks and orange tones - in the end I've picked on white with blue sunglasses, but I think with a little searching, the right orange or pink pieces could also be found. The bag was definitely easier to style, but the blue tone is a tricky one to find some great colour-matches for. These trousers work out quite nicely for me, they used to be one of my most worn pairs so I'm happy to style them again. With the white on the bag that was the obvious colour to use, and it works well against the blue. I love the smart blazer style with this bag - I need to wear that again for sure!

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