Monday, 20 April 2020

V I N Y L | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This week brought us a second set of 4 VINYL windows to the Plaza - these were all for females, and overall I thought last weeks releases were a better offering. For me these generally lack a wearability and only a couple of the pieces are what I would say are popular trends at the moment. I did pick up a couple of pieces, but I think you guys generally felt the same as I didn't see many people styling up these items. I did however spot millaxx wearing the Pearl Stone Earrings (4SD's) wearing such a cool look. I love the earrings against this purple fuzzy sweater, it's such a nice contrast and I think the styles are a perfect match! The trousers add a smart vibe to the look and the accessories are classic in black, which goes with pretty much everything - the earrings add a glamorous touch^
And then also Mia1435 styling the Black Mimmi Heels (6SD's) in such a beautiful classic styling! The cropped length of the trousers are perfect to show off the shoes and their slingback design, but they're also a pretty fancy piece with the ruffled waist - also highlighted by the cute top design. Love the slick back hairstyle with the headband, it's totally showing off those fancy accessories =)
And for my stylings - firstly with the accessories, I picked up both the Pearl Stone Earrings (4SD's) and the Black Mimmi Heels (6SD's) and paired them together, I love this styling so much! I think I'm totally getting into wearing earrings so much more, which is great^ I wanted to choose something silver to match the earrings and I think this top is super fancy and just adds all the details, while it's a busy print I don't think it takes away from the earrings at all. The black trousers and heels keep it simple and then a matching bag finished the look - overall I think it's a good one! Then the Gina Blouse (6SD's) which I really loved in the store, but really struggled with styling, I wanted to find a perfect colour match, and I don't think exactly what I want exists in my wardrobe! I somehow tried out this skirt and couldn't believe my luck, the trim section at the bottom is perfect with the top, and I really love the pairing - I did struggle to find good accessories to go with it, so I kept the look pretty simple this time, I'll work on the perfect bag for the next time I wear it =) And finally the Bik Mint Top (7SD's), which is just the previous one but in a mint green - I initially thought I liked the other one more, but after styling I'm leaning to the mint for sure, I found the colour much easier to work with. There are so many options for bottomhalves, I picked out these cute neutral trousers so that I could use a matching mint bag, I love the pairing of it all^ I added blue in the sunglasses as I don't have anything to match mint, but I think it works really nicely, I love this styling!

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