Monday, 12 March 2018

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Styled Outfits

Last week brought us new Young Hollywood based on the recent Academy Awards and featuring a couple of the looks worn by women on the night! I'm not a person who gets great use out of gowns on Stardoll, but I do love a good accessory and ended up buying the shoes and bag available in this release =D
First up, the Spotted Clutch, a dinky typical clutch bag which is delicately dotted although you don't really notice that much when wearing the piece. I found this easy to style and had previous blue YH pieces in mind which work perfectly with it =) It's a versatile piece that will work in a lot of different styles, and the pastel colour makes it work well for the current season and trends. Secondly the Louboutin Inspired Pink Shoes which are just the sweetest! I'm a sucker for a pink pair of shoes. These are a little brighter than the other pastel toned shoes that I have, so that makes them have a different use in my eyes^ They have the classic Louboutin sole, which means red would work out in the styling, I did try that out but ended up with some bright pinks and white. I like this look, it works out well on the whole and for the shoes too. And the final piece, the Louboutin Inspired Black Shoes which I was a little hesitant about because I wasn't sure how I felt about the strap across the foot, but in this styling, I like them on my doll. I tried to show them a little more casually and I think they look good with these jeans and the smart blazer. I think they look pretty classic with this black and white styling, and I love this bag with the shoes, the red of the soles pairing nicely with the stripes on the bag. I think this look definitely helps me love these shoes!

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