Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Scribbled Out

So the Evil Panda release is surprisingly good! And this shirt excited me so much!

That is until I got it on and it reminded me of when I left school (in the thick of an emo phase) and we all wrote on each other's shirts like they were yearbooks...

The only way to get around it was to make the base of the outfit clean and white, add in pops of colour and let the detail do the talking. No grey trousers or pleated skirts here.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Graphic Shirt | Evil Panda
Paris Lover Sweater | Hot Hot Buys
Solange White Capris | Young Hollywood
Off White Shoulder Bag | Antidote
Hot Buys Silk Knot Clutch | Velvet Orchid
Dior Tribute Red Carpet Stilettos | Special Offer
Versace Inspired Earrings | Millionaire Mansion Fashion

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