Tuesday, 27 March 2018

How Now Brown Gown

The inspiration for this post came from 70s motel carpets...

Truth be told, I was actually trying to find something as drastically different from last week's looks as possible and I settled on this dress. It makes me genuinely sad that no one seems to love this dress as much as I do - I never see it anywhere! I scooped it up in the bazaar when I was going through an orange phase (when am I not though, to be fair?) and it just seemed so interesting. The shape is weird, the pattern is weird, the colour is weird. It's the sort of piece that is begging to be looked at as creatively as possible. 

I've played it safe (if such a thing can be done with this orange/brown moment) and gone for a chiffon sleeve addition and navy, instead of black, for a touch of femininity. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Marrakech Cowl Dress | Rio
Chiffon Blouse | Fallen Angel
HotBuys Over Shoulder Navy Biker | Bonjour Bizou
Louis Vuitton Inspired Snake Bag | Limited Edition
Psychometry Sunglasses | Cheap Monday
LE Tassel Belt | Limited Edition
Faux Croc Metallic Heels | Inspired By Jimmy Choo Tribute

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