Saturday, 24 March 2018

E V I L P A N D A | Styled Outfits

Our latest Evil Panda release was pretty dinky and kept on theme by featuring a few panda-styled pieces - however it wasn't those pieces I was drawn to with this release. It's not typically a fashion-forward store, for me it has more of the novelty-type items, but this time there were a couple of great looking pieces! First up the Fur Rainbow Coat, which really stands out and does seem to fit with some popular current trends. My two looks are contrasting, the first with the jeans is much more casual and the coat looks great against the light wash of the denim. I love white accents against all the colours of the coat and I think this works with the denim, and with the blue bag underneath. For the second look I chose colour, these bright bold trousers look fab with the coat, I think they're a good fit, and a lot of other pieces like this will be good too^ Kept the rest of the pieces minimal like the white shirt so that the colour itself was the focus - again some white accessories, and I think they work in most styles with this coat =D
And secondly I bought the Lips Bag, which I really like for the red and pink colours on it. I went for more typical stylings with these looks, first up with a white shirt, I love the bag popping against the bright tone of it. I kept the trousers muted, the burgundy works well for the shades of colours on the bag, but I made sure to add pink heels to really catch peoples attention! With the second look I went with a darker style, I wanted to try out a skirt with this bag, and I like this leather-effect look I have going on with both the skirt and shirt. Red was my feature colour in this one with the heels and adding an earring as a cute detail on the bag^

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