Sunday, 18 March 2018

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Styled Outfits

Another new release of Callie's Picks last week, Easter colours, but mostly based around green and yellow tones - which is funny as I was just thinking about green pieces before this was released! For me the purples in the store don't really fit too well, I'd rather some of the better green and yellow pieces had been added from past Plaza releases, but oh well, maybe that's coming another time! There are a couple of old Tribute pieces in this release and some prettttty old pieces as well, which I like seeing =)
So I bought 3 pieces from the release and I'm really pleased with what I picked up. First up the Forest Green Wrap Top which was originally a DKNY piece which was quite some time ago! I really like the wrap style and the off-shoulder design, I think it really makes the piece stand out, along with it's tone of green. While the shirt is quite fitted, below the waist it's a lot looser, which I'm not sure I'm ready to embrace, so I paired it with this navy high-waisted skirt and matching wide-leg trousers to make a smart-based styling and I really like this for the shirt! It's also the perfect opportunity to wear these green earrings, they are a perfect match with the shirt colour, love it =D Second up we have the Mystic Green Ruffled Clutch (although it's more of a blue colour) which I love the ruffled styling of. I like the hanging strap, but in this outfit it's ended up hidden. I wanted to use this blue colour against a denim, and I'm happy with this pair and also the use of the navy in the polo and overcoat. I've kept the look super casual with the use of the white trainers which works nicely. And finally the Yellow Foldover Trousers, an SC piece, which I really like the look of! They have a great tone and a fantastic shape on the doll, I love the cropped length too. I decided to go for a smart-spring style with this light brown overcoat that I think goes well with the mustard tone. Keeping things light through the addition of the white shirt and shoes, but tied the shoes in with the gold clutch, it's a contrast enough against the yellow to make it stand out but not attract too much attention.
For me I've picked up the best additions to my wardrobe from this release, but there's many other great finds to be had in this store =D

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