Monday, 5 March 2018

A N T I D O T E | Release Review

I was so glad I knew Antidote was coming the day before so I could prepare, because this was one speedy 9AM release last Friday! I think the homepage advert is ok, I love the setting, the concrete and pink is super attractive, but I don't think the models are selling the collection all that well - luckily I'd seen the spoilers and knew that there were better things to be had!
Highlights This release is just one floor, so a little smaller than previously, and has somewhat of a mix of pieces but also a theme running through. And there's also a male look included too; overall I'd say pretty decent drop!
Accessories For just being one floor there's a good number of accessories. There are two pairs of shoes, the Lacy Boots, which are a spring-printed ankle boot with a square toe which I think looks great, and then the Buffalo Yellow Trainers which are in the very popular chunky style. There were 3 bags with the store, 4 if you include the 'free with purchase' one too, the Locked Clutch Bag, a sweet patchwork box piece, the Silver Backpack, which I find a bit of a strange piece, it's not really silver, it has orange straps and it has words printed on it, so not my cup of tea, and finally the Off White Shoulder Bag which is more my sort of style, with a cross body design and a long hanging strap in a bright yellow. Not shown on the store page are the final accessory, the Supersize Antidote Hoops, which are a silver set of hoop earrings with a double-hoop design that looks pretty cool =)
Clothing It's hard to describe the clothing in just a couple of words, it's quite a mixed bunch with a lot of different street styled thrown in there - there are quite a few sparkly/metallic-based pieces in the collection though, that does seem to have some focus, like with the Sequin Warrior Dress, Net Dress, Sequin Strap Top and the Metallic Trousers. I think all of these pieces are quite striking and do hold a place in my mind because we've not had anything too like them before, the dresses are particularly unique and I think they will look great in many stylings! I've got a soft spot for the Metallic Trousers, they are right up my street, I love the silver and they have the perfect fit on my doll =D The bottomhalves on offer are pretty good with variety, I quite like the look of the Twist Blue Jeans, they have an interesting design without being too 'out there' and unwearable in everyday styles, that's something that really appeals to me. And I like the colour of the denim, it's a really nice one and I think they stand out in the store. And the Fringe Skirt cannot be forgotten, it's such a great piece! Love the pastel pink and mustard tones making up this piece, it has a great length and style and despite looking more minimal compared to other pieces, I think it stands out and has a great place in the store! While on the topic of minimal, lets discuss the absolutely amazing Twist Yellow Top - this piece is just the coolest and was the piece I loved the most from the spoilers! Yellow is my colour all the way, I love how it looks on my doll and I love the design of it completely, from the knotted off shoulder long sleeves to the waist placement and the faint pinstripe it has ... so perfect =D
Prices This collection is limited to SS members only, as have previous Antidote releases. The price range for this one is 35 to 100SD's, which I think is alright for this sort of release. I was happy with the prices of the individual pieces that I bought, so no real complaints from me!
Styled Outfits Love my stylings from this release, I really had a great time with these pieces, and it rejuvenates my feelings for Antidote! First up the Metallic Trousers in a classic 'me' styling with this checked blazer, which I think works well with the silvery tone, and I like the black accessories, I think they really pop against the silver. Secondly the Twist Yellow Top, which I've worn super summery with this yellow skirt and gone for green accessories - I feel like this is really current but I'm completely loving this look, so stoked to work with this top again and again! The final look, wearing the Off White Shoulder Bag paired with my favourite yellow trousers and a crisp white shirt. This look may be simple, but I think it's an effective styling for all the pieces involved!
Features And finally the features! Lots of people have been loving this release =D First up belindaSempre styling the Off White Shoulder Bag and the Buffalo Yellow Trainers together with these sweet tartan trousers - a perfect match for all three pieces^ I love the casual edgy vibe added to the look with the leather bustier, beret and belt, I think they really help this look pop from the page!
This next look is from emme69 and uses the Fur Metallic Pink Jacket along with the Locked Clutch Bag, while this jacket isn't my style I think it's cute on this doll and with this styling. The jeans look really good, and I love the shoes in this outfit, I think they work nicely with the pink of the jacket!
Another look with the Buffalo Yellow Trainers, this time from MajkaStar1999 and I think they look fabulous in this neutral look. The yellow really pops with the other small bright accessories on the belt, against the fluidity of the silk beige dress and the knitted polo. Also loving the matching beauty look, it's fantastic =D
More yellow! This time from the Twist Yellow Top styled perfectly with matching culottes from miver^ And this look also makes use of the freebie perspex tote perfectly, it's a great way to add more to a look and the pieces in the bag are perfect choices to pop against the yellow. Plus the blue is a great way to introduce the blue in the shoes. Also this chain belt looks fabulous!
The final feature is from sarah_1980 wearing the Twist Blue Jeans and also the Off White Shoulder Bag in the fabulous contrasting style with the chunky black knitwear - so perfect for these jeans, it highlights them and shoes them off completely. The black boots help with this effect too, and I think they look great. The yellow in this one pops out nicely and adds well to the effect of the jeans =)

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