Monday, 19 March 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | High Waisted Polka Dot Pants

Today the 3rd instalment of '1 Piece 1 Week' featuring the Fallen Angel High Waisted Polka Dot Pants. These have been around for about a year and a half, and you can still get them in the Plaza today! I've worn these a couple of times since purchasing, but I think they deserve a little more recognition because they're a classically stylish versatile piece with a tiny bit of an edge in the black polka dot design. They may be black but that doesn't mean they fail to stand out!
Light and casual for summer styles
These trousers have a loose shape on their own and still look awesome with loose shapes and super relaxed casual styles added to them. These are smart trousers with the ability to be casual if you choose the right pieces and I think colours helps with this too^
1 | I love this tee as it's got a half-tucked design which I adore with these trousers. The pearl detailing on the slogan of the tee fits nicely with the dots of the trousers and the red of the lettering allows a pop of colour to continue in the accessories. This bag is perfect for these trousers with it's black trim.
2 | This dotted bralette is a good fit with these trousers, it's a cute combination and I've made it work well for me too and stayed covered up with this sheer frill-trimmed light jacket. I picked yellow as an accent and I think it works well for a summer styling =)
Bright and bold with outerwear choices
With a dark piece, how can you avoid pairing brights with it to really make yourself stand out?! We have so many great spring/summer coat and jacket choices to pick from that this is an easy task and the trousers are so versatile they look great with many colours!
3 | Yellow is a firm favourite with me, so this over-shoulder leather jacket is a great piece and I think it helps the polka dots really stand out. The white shirt keeps the look light, and the yellow bag with blue strap keeps your attention on the outfit =)
4 | Red/orange is another favourite of mine, and I (along with many others) make use of this vest all the time! These trousers are another great piece that the vest works with. I really went all out for the colour and layered with a matching sweater. This striped bag is a great detail contrasting with the trousers^
Sleek silver details for a smart styling
It doesn't have to all be about the colour, other black pieces can look great with these trousers too, as is adding a detail like silver in - metallics work wonders this season! And the black doesn't mute the look of the trousers in the outfits either.
5 | This long fastened furry coat makes a great bold choice, and it still lets you see the trousers at their best. The silver detailing is pretty minimal but stands out and makes a classy styling - very fashion-week ready I'd say =)
6 | Adding more silver in this styling with one of my favourite polonecks, and I think this amount of light colour makes the dots stand out. This loose off-shoulder jacket is a great choice for this outfit, and these trousers really. Loved adding more silver, and the designer bags really pop out and add a glamour to the styling!

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