Friday, 30 March 2018

M A R C H 2018 | Hotbuys Review

I absolutely loved these March Hotbuys from the minute I saw the advertising, so fresh and bright and just what I'm wanting for my doll right now! The pieces are just so current and I think they will last through at least the Spring and Summer for sure. There's a lot of focus on accessories this time, which is fun and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the pieces along with your and my stylings =D

Navy Over Shoulder Biker - This jacket looks amazing! A one-shouldered piece has pretty good prospects, the style is popular and wearable and this piece has a huge versatility factor about it. The navy is such a great colour, a little different to the usual black so it definitely catches your eye. I think this one will work pretty well the whole year through too^ Bizou 28SD's
Silk Knot Clutch - I love a blue bag, there aren't enough out there to be had, so automatically I love this one! The geometric knot shape is amazing, it's eye catching and unusual - it will make anyone stop and stare when styled. I have so many ideas for this piece already, all based around the shape and colour of the piece - I wish we could have this in other cool colours as well =D Velvet Orchid 18SD's
Lanvin Inspired Blue Dress - This is a beautiful summer maxi piece, it has a pretty and current blue tone, and the ruffle detailing on the top half look amazing and really attractive for a dress! The design would be pretty minimal without the ruffles, but it still is a little expensive for what it is, which I think will prevent some people purchasing this piece. Bizou 29SD's
Dolce Floral Crown - This is a piece that's not for me, headbands aren't items I use at all, so it's not worth the money for me to purchase, no matter how sparkly and silvery it is! The detail on it is nice, the glitzy flowers will look great in many dressed up outfits, but it's just not something I will wear! Pretty 'N Love 17SD's
Layered Mesh Dress - I thought I would like this dress too, the midi length is nice and the red is a good colour, but I just don't like it on my doll. It's very plain and doesn't look too flattering, while I like the idea of the mesh overlay, it hasn't worked out this time, and certainly not for the high price it has! Pretty 'N Love 33SD's
Celine Inspired Peachy Glasses - This is really one of the first Hotbuys that I really truly have not known if I wanted to get or not, I'm completely on the fence about these glasses! The colour is pretty, I like it and I think it works well for the current season. I'm not sure I like the clear glass though, they really are glasses and not sunglasses, which I think is why I'm not sure about them, what do you guys think on this one? Pretty 'N Love 16SD's
Chanel Inspired Headband - Another headband, so another piece that I can't vouch for. It's a sweet piece, and I do like the femininity it has. The colour and style are both nice, but I just won't wear it. I'm yet to see anyone else style this, so maybe headbands aren't too popular a choice? Bizou 15SD's
Mansur Gavriel Inspired Handbag - Such a current colour and style of bag, and spring flowers included too^ However this does make it a seasonal piece that wouldn't work out so well in Autumn or Winter. I'm not too fussed about this piece, I don't think I'd miss it if it wasn't there really, but I have at least seen this bag styled a few times, so it has been popular with some^ Pretty 'N Love 25SD's
Japanese Blossom Statement Earrings - These hadn't really stood out to me in the advertising, but as soon as I tried them on my doll I was in love! These look like such a fabulous and unique pair of earrings that will look good in many ways and with many styles. The colours on them are great and I think they will really work well and make outfits stand out =) Pretty 'N Love 13SD's
Oscar Tiye Inspired Sandals - The final piece! Being our only pair of shoes this month, I do think they stand out. They're quite a minimal piece, but they almost have a velvet texture to them which I really like, and I also love the fan detail added to the heel at the back of the strap, I think it really stands out when they're on your doll and I think they make this pair of shoes pretty individual - I'm happy with them! Velvet Orchid 17SD's

The first feature from lilyhippo features the first piece, the Navy Over Shoulder Biker, looking fab in this casual based styling with jeans. The navy looks good with the wash of the denim, and the white shirt adds a bright touch. White will always go well with the navy! The black accessories work too, they're small enough and far away from the jacket that you don't notice the colour contrast.
Secondly we have this light summer-ready styling from millaxx wearing the Mansur Gavriel Inspired Handbag. I love the use of the silky midi dress, it has lots of design features to add detail to the look, but that doesn't distract from the bold-ness of the bag. I also love the addition of the earring/keychain added to the bag, it really stands out =)

And my stylings, all based on blues! I clearly bought a lot of blue to add to my wardrobe, but I did also buy the Japanese Blossom Statement Earrings and I look forward to wearing them =) Firstly the Navy Over Shoulder Biker and Oscar Tiye Inspired Sandals - I love the skirt style with the fan-detailing on the heels, the circles on the skirt look great with them and I think the pair attract your attention rightly to the bottomhalf of the look. I kept a minimal top, but love the navy jacket here, it goes well with the skirt and I like it with the black pieces too^ Secondly the Silk Knot Clutch which I absolutely adore with these matching blue patent booties, what a combination! I could have worn anything else with these and would have been happy with the look =D But love the white jeans, it adds a great base for the blue. And finally the Lanvin Inspired Blue Dress, worn as a midi skirt which I love, it has good options this piece^ And with this white shirt is one of them! One of my favourite pairs of boots make a good match for this skirt, and the yellow accessorising came naturally - the Navy Over Shoulder Biker wouldn't look out of place on this outfit either!

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