Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Lavender Alpaca Coat | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This fantastic PPQ Lavender Alpaca Coat is an oldie, it came out back in 2014 and I feel like it's always flown under the radar a little - but with the lavender/lilac trend reaching a peak, it's fallen into favour, even though I've always loved it and seeing it styled! This look from leiona_- caught my eye this week, I love the soft texture of the coat paired with the harsher perspex texture of the floral skirt, it's a great contrast. The white shirt adds a crisp touch without detracting from your main two textures. The necklace and bag are glamorous while the pink trainers add a casual touch which I like the look of. For my own styling I knew I wanted to go with a darker tone letting the coat be the light touch in the outfit. This sweet floral print maxi is a great piece to wear, it layers nicely and the colours match the coat well. I love the navy against the lavender too, but my favourite pairing is for sure this Sonia Rykiel bag - it's just so perfect for the coat and is a pairing I'd come back to again and again =D

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