Saturday, 10 March 2018

Cat Lady

I was feeling very uninspired when I came down to make this post, so I picked out the most garish thing I own (this Gucci feline monstrosity) and tried to do something with it.

In a complete 180 from my last styling, I've gone super casual with a look I'd probably wear IRL if I wasn't addicted to wearing grey. As a professional Cat Lady you could cut me open and find this jumper is underneath my skin...

Terrifying metaphors aside, I envision this as the sort of look you might throw on if you needed to nip out for errands while the seasons are still changing. Navy leather jacket slung over the shoulder as a little windbreaker, practical sneakers and big ole bag for carrying a plethora of utensils to save you from the constantly changing weather. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Gucci Inspired Cat Knit | Inspired by Gucci Tribute
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda 
Yamamato Vintage Inspired Shirt | Windows on the World
HotBuys Navy Over Shoulder Biker | Bonjour Bizou
Skyscraper Stripe Skirt | Versus Versace Tribute
Crystals Skirt | Saint Laurent Paris Tribute 
Light Pink Glasses | Bonjour Bizou
PPQ AW13 Canary Gabriel Bag | PPQ of Mayfair
Sparkly Silver Socks | Saint Laurent Paris Tribute
9to5 Programmer Strap Sneakers | 9to5

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