Friday, 16 March 2018

B Y M A L I N A / / F R E E D R E S S | Styled Outfits

I'm sure you've all been getting the advert for the current By Malina contest when logging into Stardoll over the past week or so - you enter and you can win a real life dress, but you also get one for your doll! It's a cute piece, but not something I'd wear in RL, so I'm quite happy with just the one for my doll =D We get this sweet baby blue version of the dress, and I'd love to be able to have the navy as well. We all got on pretty well with this piece and decided to style it up for you guys in each of our individual takes!
While I've gone for classic white tones to make the blue pop, both Miloshki and AudreyHepburn. have added bright pops and stand-out accessories to really catch your eye and stop and take a look at the styling =) It's a pretty versatile piece, and clearly works well as a skirt on its own, or as a dress showing off all of its features like the laser cut fabric on the top half. It's a great length of skirt, and I can see it working out really nicely throughout the Spring season!

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