Saturday, 24 March 2018

Pearly Queen

Alternative title for this post is: 'If it ain't Baroque', which is both a terrible pun AND a freshwater pearl joke. You can't make me stop. 

I've not been this theatrical for a while! In a sea of tracksuit bottoms and sock boots, it's good to get some DRAMA out of your system every once in a while. These new facial accessories from Film Theory: A Wrinkle in Time are just the vehicle I needed to express my inner aristocrat. I have so many pearls, I can wear them on. my. eyebrows. For when you want to emote, but like, in a decadent way.

Pearls can be dowdy if you're not mindful of styling, so I've gone for an oversized choker (everything somehow gets more chic when it's oversized) and multitudes on the blazer, like rich, impractical studding (for when you want your outfit to say, don't touch me, I'm rich)

Finish it off with a ruff for true ridiculousness, then maybe commission someone to paint your portrait because you are looking opulent. 

Ingredients | You Will Need
Blazer Dress | It Girls 
Deep Velvet Trousers | Tingeling Halloween Couture
Silk Strap Coat | Voile
Hotbuys High Neck Designer Shirt | Pretty'n'Love
Off-White Inspired Collar | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
PPQ Patent Leather Pumps | PPQ of Mayfair
Dior Tribute Diva Veil | Special Offer
Embellished Eyebrows Left & Right | Film Theory
Super Flick Eye Makeup Left & Right | Film Theory
Real Pearls Choker | MS.TQ
Embellished Face Bling | Film Theory 

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