Sunday, 4 March 2018

P E A R L S | Release Review

Brand new PEARLS came out last week, which I wasn't expecting but it has been a while since our last release of this store. I love the colours of the homepage advert, the pinky-purple hues of the background fountain give a solid feel for the store to be on the feminine side, and I like the variety of clothing that the ad shows off - so let's get in and take a look!
Highlights This release has one floor, which is usual for PEARLS and is kept very current with its focus on pinks! I love this so knew I would be able to pick up many new additions for my wardrobe and would be doing a review =)
Accessories It's a small number of accessories, but appropriate for the size of the release. Two pairs of shoes, the Sling Shoes and Sequin Shoes are quite different pairs, the first being a woven mule with black and cream tones which you don't see so much looking from afar but they look greatly detailed when zooming in, and the second being pink and sparkly platforms, completely on point^ There is one bag, which I really like, the Bamboo Tote, a style which is popular with a lot of designers and this one looks good for it's minimalism. The neutral colour and the clean lines of the shape make it an easy one to work with that I think a lot of people will like =) And there are two more additions, the Pearl Necklace, a dainty golden piece which is a pretty stock necklace to have, and the Belt Red, which is a minimal red belt, but a useful style of piece to have around.
Clothing And the exciting part - all that pink and white based clothing! I love the styles on offer with this release, they are perfect for the vibe of this store and I adore the colours so much =D There are a few dresses on offer, the White Dress, which has full skirting, a wide neckline, 3/4 length sleeves and a wide-laced belt in a bright white tone, then there are two pink pieces, both sleeveless, the Pink Dress and Pink Organza Dress. I much prefer the first of the two, it's fitted well to the body of the doll and has great detailing to the top half with a sweet Peter Pan collar, while the second dress is a little more shapeless on. And there's also a beautiful skirt, the Midi Skirt, which is as it says, midi length with pleats all over and in a spring yellow tone. It fits the doll really nicely and is a flattering piece, the last bonus is that it's an SC piece, so no excuses for leaving this one behind! The last bottom-half are the Pink Silk Trousers which are just all kinds of beautiful - great pastel pink tone, I love the way they sit, the silky material is perfect for them. They just look really great on the doll! While I don't find myself so fussed about the jackets, the last piece I want to mention is the White Shirt - introducing a complete twist to the classic white shirt style that we all really like, and this piece is going down a storm, especially based on all the looks I found to feature with this piece! It's got a great unique shape and it looks awesome on the doll - plus it fits so many different styles of outfit, a great deal to be had with this one^
Price The store ranges 4 to 15SD's, with a couple of pieces in SC's and most pieces priced really well for what they are and nothing is SS or Royalty only -a pretty great deal all round I'd say!
Styled Outfits I had fun putting these looks together and found they came to me pretty quickly. Given that all of the features I found were using the White Shirt, I decided to forgo styling this one to highlight other great pieces in the release. First up the Midi Skirt, in a winter-spring transitional look, making use of yellow tones, which I'm loving and also these metallic boots - the tones of them and the skirt are great together and it's a combination I would definitely repeat. Can't wait to bring this skirt into summer and autumn this year! Secondly the White Dress, which I didn't add much to because I wanted the dress to have focus - absolutely love these shoes and this furry stole with the dress, they bring a more formal feel to the dress ands introduce a versatility to it. This bag was somewhat of a random choice, but actually I think it works pretty nicely, I like the tones of it against the white. And finally the Pink Silk Trousers dressed in one of my favourite ways to wear trousers! The white of the shirt and shoes keep the look in time with the whole store, but I added colour contrast with my favourite vest which I think works really nicely with the pink. I accessorised with more pink and I'm completely loving the combination =D
Features So the White Shirt was the most popular piece of the release - here are 3 fabulous features I spotted wearing this shirt well! First up jjgangstevenjj, choosing an Italian-esque style with this large-brimmed hat and pairing it with these smart culottes. I love the pops of red that the other accessories add, and the neat pony tail keeps the hair out of the way of the shirt, showing it all off!
Secondly Mia1435, going for a slightly more casual styling including denim in this long two-toned skirt, it's the perfect combination for the shirt as the white panelling of the skirt works with it perfectly to stop the denim looking too casual. The white and gold accessories are fabulous and I love the use of the necklaces in the neckline of the shirt!
And thirdly this bright look from millaxx, using light wash denim with the shirt which I think makes it seem brighter and more like a summery piece, which is added to with the interior^ Absolutely love these white boots with the look, and the cross-body belt-bag looks perfect with the overall vibe the look is going for =)

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