Sunday, 11 March 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | March 2016

Another month and another look back at our HBs from two years ago! These 2016 March HBs weren't all that bad, and on the most part I'd say they were pretty successful! I like the theme of muted greens and browns and also the use of detailing and prints, they're very prominent in this collection. A couple of my absolute favourite past HBs have come from this month, the Olive Suede Thigh Highs and the Rich Stripe Sweater which I have loved styling and wearing in so many different ways! Plus I've styled the Dove Charm Purse in the recent Bag It Up Challenge as well. So today I will be styling the Embellished Olive Coat and the Embroidered Boot Cuts =)
I love these looks for right now, definitely stepping out of the winter stylings! Firstly the coat, and while my first thought was that I wanted something lacy and in a colour contrast, I just ended up with the lacy, picking this green dress, which I still love with the coat and it's printing =D These boots were a natural choice but I got a little contrast with the pink bag - I tried to find a nice blue one to match the tone of the butterflies but I didn't quite have the right piece. While these fabulous trousers do have a matching jacket, I've worn that combination before, so stayed away from that even though it's amazing^ So this time I picked out the yellow tones in the embroidery with this yellow off-shoulder top, I love the style with the trousers! I added more yellow in these sunglasses, and chose red for the rest of the accessories and actually I really like how this styling turned out! I think these trousers do have good potential to be versatile, they just need a chance!!!

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