Saturday, 17 March 2018

Green Girl

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

I've also decided to go for green today because I scooped up this jacket from Callie's Picks. I had this jacket when it first came out with Pet-a-Porter but for some reason I decided to sell it. I always found it a little difficult to style, and I used to really dislike its shoulders (you can't see them here but they're pretty mega). 
Of course now, I'm all about the menswear and it goes perfectly with my green Fendi trousers. I love it when a plan works out...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Green English Blazer | Callie's Picks
Fendi Inspired Jade Green Pants | Fendi Tribute
Over Shoulder Chanel Coat | Inspired by Chanel Tribute
LE Oversized Open Crisp Shirt | Limited Edition
Red Hoop Earrings | Fendi Tribute
Gucci Inspired Frog Green Crossbody | Tributes Gallery
Pure White Loafers | Melbourne Minimalism

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