Monday, 26 March 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | March 2017

So these March 2017 Hotbuys are not my favourite - the overall style isn't one that I like or that I think suits me, so I didn't have a huge success with this month last year! I still have most of the pieces, and I made use of the two bags, the Balenciaga Inspired Crossbody Bag and the French Style Basket Bag in the Bag It Up Challenge (here and here) and I really liked working with those a little while after the release. I have also worn the Twisted Hoops, and picked them in my 2017 Hotbuys Favourites as well! So today I'm styling up the sweatshirts, the Smells Like Roses Sweatshirt and the Oversized Black Sweatshirt:
I think I'm maybe just not a sweatshirt person! While I managed to style up both pieces, the looks aren't my favourite or ones I'd return to time and time again. For the Smells Like Roses Sweatshirt, I went with red trousers to fit the roses, and the burgundy is a nice tone against them. I added a shirt beneath the sweatshirt which I really like, and I varied my accessories by choosing trainers and Dior. For the Oversized Black Sweatshirt I tried out a few things before coming to this look - there were lots of black trousers involved, but what changed my mind was these boots, I really quite like the style of them with the sweatshirt and choosing a chiffon-hem skirt was my next idea ... not sure it completely works, but I quite like the idea - maybe the right person can pull this one off!

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