Wednesday, 21 March 2018

D I Y | Styled Suite

A fabulous new decor release last week, DIY! This store has always had some great pieces and additions for our suites. There's a large focus on window and glasswear this time around, but additions like wall panels stand out and catch your eye. The advertising looks great and fresh and spring-like - the peach wall with the white furniture and the golden glass doors looks fantastic and the tones are very current! I love these wall panels, which come in Cream, Dark and Salmon have a great design and pattern which I think will be very popular. With the room I was looking to update, I've gone with the Dark option, and also paired it with the Glass Door Rhombus Black (which I am using as a window). I worked in a pretty dark room to try out these new pieces and love the look I've come up with, with silvers and small details and bold items like this green velveteen couch and the pink and purple leopard print on the wall. With the windows coming in a range of colours, they're versatile pieces working in a range of interior styles and room types and I think they'll be well welcomed in the Plaza =D

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