Wednesday, 7 March 2018

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Another release from last week, Callie's Picks all about the blues! This release was absolutely massive with 3 floors and so many pieces to choose from and a great mix of old and new and light and dark tones, and also styles! I didn't really feel like writing a review for this one, but there's quite a few pieces that caught my eye as ones I've loved wearing before, like the Blue Lagoon Dress and Double Layer Skirt which are fabulous pieces! So a styling post instead as a lot of you guys seemed to enjoy this release =D First up is ccaauu1414 wearing the Blue Turtleneck Body in a look featuring other blue pieces, like these glitzy heels which you just catch a glimpse of. I think the blue of the body really brings out the blue tones in these leather loose fitted trousers and it makes them look like such an awesome and different piece, same goes for the crop top^
And also wearing the Blue Turtleneck Body but paired with the Navy Draped Top is this styling from Leiona_- where the blues take a little of a backseat to the use of printing and purples and I love it! I think the jacket has a light enough tone to really make it work with the blues of the tops, I think they're such a nice addition and also play well against the white of the boots and the perspex of the bag =D
And the final feature we have Andre1396 wearing the Bayou Gather Dress - I thought this piece looked so cool in the store with it's laser cut patterning but was sure it wouldn't work for me, this styling sure could swing it! I love the layering with the pale blue body, it works well under the dress to keep the focus on the dress, and also loving the new navy HB jacket, it's a great addition to this styling!
And lastly my stylings from the store. I have quite a few of these pieces already, and actually I already owned this Blue Twinkle Paillette Skirt but must have sold it in the past few years, so I bought it again and I'm quite delighted with it! Styled up both a light and dark look to show how versatile this skirt is - I'm excited to have this piece again =) The skirt is looking super smart with the neat white shirt, and the combination of white accessories really highlights the lighter tones to the piece. In contrast, the skirt looks so much darker with the black polo, ruched leather boots (I love these with the look!) and dark overcoat, but I think the skirt is the cutest addition of details to a minimal look in the opening of the coat. This is a piece which will look good all year round!

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