Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Tweedy Bird

I nearly called this Broad Broad in honour of Nina West and her linebacker shoulders, but I think the element of this coat I want to highlight is the lovely tweed texture rather than....those shoulders. 

Ahhh I kind of love them. But I also like balance, so I've gone for a subtle flare in my cropped trousers to give volume in the bottom half of the look. The long hair also helps to disrupt the long long line of the shoulders without sacrificing on actual volume. 

I have said before that I love tweed, especially tweed coats; I did a whole post on my grandma's tweed coat a good couple of years ago and what it meant to me. She passed away last month so I am drawn more than ever to the textures that make me think of her. I can almost feel this on my cheek. 

Overall I think this has an updated, fashion take on 40s blitz fashion - perhaps it's the sweater vest!

Ingredients | You Will Need

Alexander McQueen Inspired Sweater | Runway
Cropped Turtleneck | Evil Panda
Checked Oversized Coat | Limited Edition
White T Shirt | The JetSet
Green Culottes | It Girls
YSL Inspired Scarf | MSW
Stitched Fendi Handbag | Inspired by Fendi Tribute
Jacquemus Inspired Earrings | Antidote
Silk Pearl Stilettos | Limited  Edition

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