Saturday, 14 September 2019

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Super exciting to have a brand new LE release last weekend! We got a little preparation with a top-up offer and the knowledge that it would be LE the day before which is always great^ I love the advertising, the cityscape is super and a great base for styling against and I think the models give a good idea on the mix of styles included. 
Highlights This release is about the regular size for an LE collection, there are two floors offering 8 styles for the girls and two for the guys, with quite a range to choose from. I do have to say I think the accessories quite top the clothes in this one, much stronger which I'm definitely pleased about as I love an accessory^
Accessories There are many pieces to choose from in a range of styles, but glamour is heavily featured. There are 5 pairs of shoes, which is a lot considering the size of the release, and they're all still available to buy, which is pretty good if you didn't manage to log in immediately at the release time. They really offer a good range of styles, but I've totally fallen for the heels on offer. The Crystal Shoes are super glamorous, they're a mule (what's not to love?!) and have a nude base colour and are decorated with a lot of jewels, just that little bit extra^ The colour really is perfect for this seasons trends. Also in the mule style are the Satin Mules, which are a higher heel but very colourful - the green, red, yellow and lavender sound like a mix that shouldn't work, but I really love how they are, it makes for something super interesting! And then the most minimal shoe of the collection, the Stiletto Shoes, which are very much not stiletto's but I love their chunky wooden heel, it's a big selling point for me! The body of the shoe is black and pointed but they also have a delicate white strap across the foot. I think these will look great with so many different styles, and anything from trousers to dresses. 
There are 3 bags in the collection, and they give a pretty good range of styles. Naturally the bright colours of the orange Dior Inspired Bag which is a cute quilted clutch, and the yellow Balenciaga Inspired Bag which is a small crossbody are super eyecatching - they sold out super fast too, so they caught the attention of others too^ These are both great accessories and will really pop in stylings. And there is also the Crystal Clutch (still some left of this one^) which is very sleek with the black and gold colourings, and the jewelled base really makes it snazzy =) There are a lot of other items included in this category too, like the Brown Belt which has such a cool gathered design on one side, the Stone Necklace which has very ethereal vibes with the colours of the stones, and really quite a lot of glam shiny jewellery piece - I'm definitely leaning to the Plexi Earring and the Spike Necklace, they're super detailed and really very nicely designed, they'll really look amazing in outfits^
Clothing I do find the clothing a lot weaker than the accessories in this release, in the end I've actually only bought 2 pieces (a bonus for my purse though^) - however there's a really great mix of styles, with prints and glitz, and minimal and streetstyle all included, which I really like for a collection. The feminine pieces are super cute, and I'd love more of these vibes, like the Collared Top with the big puffed sleeves and elegant broidery, the sparkling Crop Sleeve Top of which my only complaint is the cropped body, and the Satin Pink Trousers which are a super fun suit-style piece, the colour is so beautiful! There are a couple of dresses in the release, I immediately fell in love with the Horse Print Dress, which I know won't be to everyone's tastes, but I've been adoring horse prints, and I've always been wanting them for my doll^ This one has quite a vintage styling with the oversized fit, but the colours are gorgeous, super current and super versatile. I'm also quite tempted by the Satin Dress, the burgundy wine is amazing, perfect for the Autumn/Winter season, and I think it looks amazing on the doll, a really great piece all round, but not so versatile I'd think, so it's a little pricey for the number of wears you might get from it. And the most popular dress is the Crystal Dress, despite the price, I can see why - it's got a fabulous and stand out design, I love the bustier styling and the sparkling lines of the skirting, perfect for some fun layering as I've been seeing on many dolls already.
There are some other cute pieces in the collection. The Orange Cape obviously stands out because of the bold colour, I love the design of the piece on the body, but the long flowing cape isn't so much my thing, but I can tell this is a popular design idea. The Cape Top Green provides the same sort of idea but in a more wearable style, but the colour isn't quite as effective as the orange. The Pleated Leather Shorts are quite nice, I debated about them too long and they were gone before I decided I think I did want them! I like the longer length, the chunky rolled hem and the gathered style of the waist. While leather shorts won't be for everyone and aren't hugely versatile, I think they could be super fun all with a little creativity. And the final piece to mention is the Checked Oversized Coat, another super popular piece because of the neutral colour to the design. It's super square in the shoulders and really makes for a particular style, but it's a super 'in' vibe for this season, and I think there will be some great outfits from it, I'm excited to see them!
Prices This release ranged from 20 to 167SD's, which is just about on par with the previous few releases. As this is LE, it is limited to SS and Royalty members only, and there are a limited amount of each item - but still quite a few things still in store!
Features Again we are putting together a fun styling post to come soon, for now the features! First up FunOpler styling the Pleated Leather Shorts in this very cool neon and black styling, it's super effective for them^The draped top still lets the features of the shorts stand out, and the leather looks good against the softer fabrics. Love these boots with the shorts, really cool^
Then we have juliette116 wearing my favourite dress, the Horse Print Dress, which I love in this styling! The dark accessories look great and really make the dark tones in the print pop out. Love the oversizing of this dark blazer which plays well with that of the dress. The earrings are a super cool addition too, the red is fab!
Next up Opiodes wears the Crystal Dress, the Zebra Jacket Man and the Black Socks in a very cool combination. I love all the shining and the silver, and the skirting of the crystals really pops out. The Chanel style accessories are also super fun, what a fab look =D
Also wearing the Crystal Dress is turkiye who pairs it with the Orange Cape, which looks fab, such a great layering idea, for the whole look and not just these two pieces^ The skirting of the crystals looks great over the orange, a colour that will always make me look, and I love the layering of the extra pieces like this furry coat on the top^
Penultimately, rob_sef7 going for the Checked Oversized Coat and Plexi Earring in a more minimal styling with a perfect base of white. This is great for the checks to really pop against, and it works well. Love the midi skirt styling, it really makes for a smart look with this piece. Accessories are totally perfect and very fitting!
Something a little more sparkly neck, from SoMillie, wearing the Crystal Tiara and the Crop Sleeve Top in a fabulous way - layering it up like this is amazing, it really looks like it's tucked into this fabulous bustier, I totally love that! The sequin pieces are super extra, but work together nicely, and the accessories finish off the styling well, with the tiara piece a perfect addition =D

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