Monday, 16 September 2019

N E L L Y | Release Review

As with several previous releases of Nelly, we've gotten another floor! I usually find Nelly pretty good so I'm happy with this arrangement completely^ The advertising looks super fun with all those bright colours =D
Highlights This is the usual size of release, with one floor and 8 outfits, nothing for the guys in this release. There's a focus on the brights but there are also some versatile neutrals included which is great for mixing and matching.
Accessories Personally I prefer the accessories in the first Nelly release this season, the bags really blew me away and these ones really don't live up to that. I do very much like the White Boots, these are pretty awesome in a knee high style with a nice neutral design. There is also the almost obligatory inclusion of some trainers, this time two pairs, the White Sneakers and the Josefina Sneakers which have some cool colours in them, but they're just not something I'm looking to purchase at the moment.
Clothing The clothing pieces are definitely much more attractive than the accessories, there's so much to choose from! I will start with the super fun printed pieces, I really like them all^ The Shirt Dress is the first piece to gain my attention for that fab yellow and orange print of feathers, it's a super smart dress style and the print really adds a bold flair to the design. The fit of the dress is good, and I think it will be great for brighter Autumnal stylings. Also on the same sort of colour scheme is the Sequin Midi, which is just one amazing gold sequinned skirt, it's really quite something! We've not had anything like this before I don't think, and I love a bit of gold, it's quite perfect for me - I know it won't be for everyone, but I think it's been done very tastefully and will work in a lot of styling scenarios. The Juliette Skirt is also a midi, but in the pleated style. It's got a cool teal base with a dainty floral design, I think it suits the Spring/Summer season a little more than right now, so I think I will save this one for next year. And lastly in this category is a (slightly) more neutral piece, the Dotted Top which is in black and cream, I love the tied style at the front, it's got such a current vibe to it and the print is fun, it's not quite animal print, so it's something a little different. I really love this piece a lot, I'm excited to style it up! And now for the more neutral pieces of the collection, I don't like these as much as the printed items, but there's a couple that are great for my style! The Cozy Jacket looks like such a fab design-twist on a great Autumn/Winter coat, I'd love an identical one that isn't off one shoulder so we can vary the design. It's in a neutral white, so perfect for pairing with different colours and I like the slightly more boxy and oversized design while keeping a cropped length in mind. And then I also really love the Cream Sweater, I'm all about the beige! This has such a cute design, it's got a nice fit to it, not too oversized or tight, with rolled sleeves and a front tuck, it's super neat. I also like the round neck design, it's a good piece for transitioning into the Autumn, and of course the colour is very versatile =)
Prices This collection ranges from 9 to 24SD's, which is about average. There are a couple of pieces in SC's and nothing is SS or Royalty limited.
Styled Outfits I loved working with this collection, I'm super excited to try more from it! For my looks, first up the Dotted Top which I've loved styling neutrally with black trousers, but cream will work equally well to colour-match to the top. I kept cream shoes and then added a little fun with this printed bag, I kind of like it, something a little different to try and I think it works out to balance the printing across the look. Next up the Shirt Dress, I did worry about accessories for this as I wanted to focus on the yellow tone in the dress, so I didn't have a lot of choice, but these pieces did work out. I kept it neutral with this overcoat, I really like the combination and I think it is great to make the piece seem less Summery. And finally the Cream Sweater and I love this outfit so much! I tried so many skirts with this piece and lots of different ones worked out well, so there are many options for this, but I went for brown tones and I love the outcome. The skirt and belt look great with the tuck design of the sweater, and I kept the shoes neutral with these boots. I even added a necklace, pretty rare for me^ But this one really looks quite perfect with this styling =D
Features And time for features! First up liability with the Cozy Jacket - and while these shoes aren't from this release, the White Sneakers would also be a perfect fit. I love the lilac in this styling, it stands out but also makes a perfect base for the white to stand out against. I love the combination of the open neckline of the shirt with the off shoulder style of the coat, it looks great^ The accessorising is also perfect, love the belt combination and also the printed tights =)
And secondly millaxx wearing the Zip Trousers with all the great Autumnal brown tones, so cute! The trouser shape is really great, and the zip design is shown off with the tuck of the sweater and the open style of the jacket. Love the accessories, the delicate jewellery is super pretty, and contrasts well with the chunkier heels while the bag really ties all of the colours together!

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