Saturday, 28 September 2019

Limited Edition SHOES SPECIAL # W E S T Y L E I T

Myself and Miloshki had such a fabulous time with some of the shoes from the latest LE release - who doesn't love some fun shoes?! We've styled them two pairs of them, and despite doing it completely independently I think we've gone for something quite similar overall =P First up the Stiletto Shoes which are the chunky wooden heel pair which don't suit their name: we've picked up light tones with darker accessories, and that works so well to really highlight the shoes in the looks. While I've chosen a wide skirt, the same width is added in Miloshki's look with the width of the coat, I think it's super effective^ And we both add a little mystique with the use of the sunglasses and hat - we've shown a nice variety while sticking to a similar style vibe, which I really like^
And secondly the Crystal Shoes, which we've unintentionally styled with the same blazer, but I love that - we've created two totally different looks despite using the same blazer, it's fab^ Miloshki ventures a little towards casual with the jeans, I think the blue socks are a great addition, they work out surprisingly well and I think the colour is a really good one. The blue is balanced out with the nudes on top and with the bag. The red lip is the perfect touch to go with the jewels on the shoes. For my styling I've also added some burgundy for the jewels, but in the bag, glasses and this delicate belt. I stayed pretty 'classic me' with the clothing, but I think it works out nicely as these shoes really can be the star of the show, they're just fabulous and I'm stoked to wear them more =D

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