Monday, 30 September 2019

S E P T E M B E R 2019 | Hotbuys Review

Here we are again, it's the end of September and we've had all of the Hotbuys for this month! For me this was an improvement on last month, many more pieces I liked the look of initially, and I think the vibe of this set is really nice, I'm loving the lilac tones throughout, definitely super pretty =D

Heart Earrings - I love these earrings! They're a super edgy pair combining heart and lightning bolt design elements, which is super fun - when viewed on the doll from afar it's hard to tell the detail, but I think they still look pretty good. I quite like the vibe of the mixed metals too for these^ I think these are a pretty good start to the months collection^  Evil Panda 14SD's
Off Shoulder Top - This is such a sweet top! I love the nude colour, it makes it super versatile, and the off shoulder style on one side looks great, the little twist detail is super cool =D The fit is really nice on the doll, and I think it will layer pretty well with different sweaters, cardis and coats. I think this will be great for Spring and Summer styles too! It Girls 21SD's
Heart Necklace - And now for the necklace to match the earrings, I totally love that and want more! The design is close to the earrings but is focused on a big bolted heart. I like the length of the pendant but I do find it a very chunky piece - this follows the original design, for me it's something I don't like so much, but it's totally personal preference! I love the style otherwise though =) Velvet Orchid 14SD's
Satin Skirt - I thought I was going to really like this piece, the colour is beautiful and I think the gathered design all down the front is pretty cool, and very unique, we've not had something like it before. The fit on the doll is nice too, but I think it's the hanging down drawstrings (not so sure what to call them!) that are off-putting for me, I think it takes away from the rest of the design. Velvet Orchid 22SD's
Bomber Jacket - And for a jacket now, while it's similar to other pieces we've had in the Plaza in the past, I think this is a pretty nice addition for Autumnal stylings. I like the relaxed fit of the style, I think it looks pretty good on the doll, and there are a lot of nice little details in the design which really work nicely, I particularly like the cuff design^ Bizou 27SD's
Plexi Boots - I'm not sure what other people think of these, but I'm just kind of dying over how cute and funky these are! Ok, so they're certainly not an every day boot, but are they not so cool for something a little different?! It was the pinky/purple/orange hues that really drew me in, they're an attractive combination and again, like nothing we've had before. I like the loose fit to the ankle of the boot, and the chunky design to the heel. Would I wear these in RL? No way, but I can make my doll enjoy them for the both of us! Original Future 21SD's
Prada Inspired Bag - This was the piece I was most looking forward to, I'm so into this design of Prada bag right now! They're totally out of my budget, luckily this one was within my dolls budget^ I like the size and cross-shoulder style, and the silver metal plating looks great. It's such a fun bag to dress with as I really think it will be fab in glam and casual looks, I'm so glad to have this and I'm stoked to style it! Velvet Orchid 24SD's
Hand Print Skirt - I like midi skirts, and I do want to like this one, but the hand print just isn't for me. I like the colours, I think the purple and red really look great, but this one just isn't for me - I think some of you guys will do great things with it though^ Fallen Angel 22SD's
Lightning Shoes - Again, this is a piece I just know is not for me. I would like a nice pair of purple shoes, but the lightning design on the back is pretty specific and is something I know I don't like for myself. The overall design does also seem quite simple for the price. It Girls 22SD's
Hand Print T-Shirt - And the final piece, again with the hand print, so it's not so much my thing, but I do really like the oversized shape of the tee, it's a really nice fit on the doll, and of course I like the half-tuck design. Again, it's something I see others wearing well, but not myself. Fallen Angel 23SD's

Love the autumnal vibes from this styling from hip.hop.2000, super cool and a great look with the Off Shoulder Top! The neutral tone makes it super versatile, I love the addition of the neck scarf, it draws more attention to the top and the cute shoulder details that it has^
And secondly we have millaxx wearing the Prada Inspired Bag and showing off it's cool versatility in this smart-casual styling. I think it really pops out well against the brown knit, the oversizing is cool too, and it pairs really nicely with the trainers. The bag is totally perfect with these trousers, could come up with so many stylings for that pairing^


And for the Guest Writer looks! This is such a cool set of stylings, I really love it! First up miloshki goes for the Bomber Jacket which was kinda expected, this is totally up her street for stylings and the look is super fitting for her^ Love the heavy contrast of the jacket with the floral detailed skirt. Next up, opposite on the style spectrum, AudreyHepburn. chooses the Off Shoulder Top and pairs it perfectly with this very cool skirt, what a perfect colour match! Really love the accessories added to this one, really vert perfect =D And finally vogue_veronica styles up the Heart Earrings, which look great with an up-do and a hat like this to really show them off. They look super elegant in this styling, the white blazer is a great choice for them^

And finally my stylings, while I had fairly mixed feelings about this collection, I'm really pleased with the pieces that I have bought. First up the Prada Inspired Bag, my favourite piece, I really loved styling this, there are so many options for it! I like it with the classic silver and black for my first styling, I think it works well and it holds its own against the similar colours of the clothing. Secondly two pieces, the Bomber Jacket and the Heart Earrings, I think they work well together in this specific styling, but aren't a typical style match. I went for neutral colours for the clothing, the beige works well for the green and I think  the sparkle of the earrings does well to pop too^ Love these boots and this belt with the styling, definitely love the accessorising here! And for the final look, the Plexi Boots - I'm yet to see anyone else wear these, but they've really grown on me and I love this outfit =D The all pastel pink works well against the slightly darker tone of the boots, so they really do stand out. I like the smarter style of the clothing to play against the funkiness of the boots. The rest of the accessories are minimal, really like this darker pink bag to match the boots more than the clothing - I'm super pleased with this overall!

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