Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Falling Leaves

Pretty sure I've never styled this dress before? I'm not a summery gown kind of gal as you probably all know by now. But I've never wanted to get rid of it - the print is so pretty and I do appreciate a good floral!

I knew I wanted to style it with a pair of boots for Autumn, but it surprised me how well these ones went. They're normally a bit of a pain thanks to their bagginess, but this dress has handy splits. Continuing the 'unwieldy' theme, the sleeves of this dress are awkward, but with the right amount of resizing and rotating, you can perch a little shoulder slung jacket on there, just in case it gets a bit breezy. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Lily of the Valley Dress | Subcouture
White Crisp Onesid Blazer | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
HotBuys Leaf Earrings | Velvet Orchid
YSL Inspired Shoulder Bag | Yves Saint Laurent Tribute
High White Leather Boots | The JetSet

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