Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The End of the Summer

Or as I originally titled this...Legs Eleven. 

I watched the new series of Stranger Things recently and while I wasn't super jazzed by it, I really appreciated how hard it went in on the 80s fashion. The montage with Eleven and Max in the mall was truly excellent. 

This look is essentially the final boss look that Eleven wears, but like.....make it fashion. Not that it wasn't fashion before, I just think the Marc Jacobs bag and winklepicker boots might have been a bit...out of place fighting for the sake of the world...

Ingredients | You Will Need

Banana Print Silk Blouse | Callie's Picks
Sleeveless Polka Dot Polo | Fallen Angel
Safiyaa Inspired Pants | Ramadan Gift-o-Meter
Black Crystal Earrings | Tingeling Couture
Snapshot Bag Black | Nelly.com
Voile Gold Cuff | Voile
Lace Ankle Boots | Fallen Angel

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