Saturday, 21 September 2019

Sweet Hibiscus

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - I love it when there's a Mr. release.

This season treated me to a new Hawaiian shirt in fabulous hot pink and forget-me-not blue. Perfect for the end of summer.

It takes a little jigging about and resizing to take it from completely undone to rogueishly low-cut, but with some long hair and a good coat, no one need know...

Once in-suite, I knew immediately that I wanted to get it to work with this Gucci bag, but hot pink can be really difficult to control, so I needed a solid neutral to go with it. Black was too heavy, white too clinical, cream clashed, so in steps baby pink to soothe my woes. 

Ingredients | You Will Need

Pink Flower Shirt | Mr.
Chambray Pedal Pushers | Callie's Picks
Pink Coat | Subcouture
Round Frame Pink Sunglasses | Pretty'n'Love
Moonage Layered Necklace | Velvet Orchid
Classic Industrial Belt | Inspired by Off-White Tribute
Soft Pink Leather Gloves | Pretty'n'Love
Gucci Inspired Crossbody Bag | Tributes Gallery
Blush Dior Heels | Callie's Picks

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