Wednesday, 11 September 2019

I T G I R L S | Release Review

Delighted for an Autumn drop of one of my favourite stores, It Girls! There are always some great pieces to be had in these releases, so even if the advertising doesn't make the release look great to me, I think this is a good 'un overall =) 
Highlights The release is the usual one floor size for It Girls, and it's a pretty wide range of styles, but overall with an Autumnal feel to them - I can see some pretty great pieces already so I'm excited to get into this one!
Accessories There is a big focus on the shoes in this release, specifically the Tabi style of boots, which is pretty good - there are the Camo High Boots in black, the Camo Low Boots Black which is great for options, I personally prefer the tall style, and then also the Camo Low Boots Red for something a little brighter. It's a fab design and I think many are happy to have these. I also really like the other shoes on offer, the Black Toe Boots with their Chanel vibes and the Paneled Suede Pumps which are in nude and have a subtle sparkle all over them. There are also a couple of bag, but it's the Red Bag, designed alike a Chloe piece which really stands out - I love a round bag and the details on this one are pretty good, plus it's a bargain in SC's!
Clothing Super Autumnal vibes from a lot of these pieces, I really love some of the fun pieces with this release along with some absolute classics. I'm not such a fan of the printed pieces or the somewhat edgier pieces, but there's some great items. I'm loving the brown and beige tones for this season, I immediately bought the Brown Turtleneck and the Beige Sweater, which will be super versatile. They both have great fits on the doll being snug and just a little loose respectively. I love a good turtleneck, and also a perfect tuck, so these pieces work perfectly for me. The Cropped Trousers are also a pretty great piece, black culottes can work in so many different styles, I'm passing on this specific pair as I have a few similar ones already, but these are a perfect option with a great high waist and wide leg. The skirt-game in this release is super strong, I love the midi pieces and that midi lengths are still going well^ The Striped Skirt is such a fun option with the split, which makes it still work in these last Summer days. I adore the colour combinations, I'm always a fan of navy and the red stripe is a standout on the piece. I think this will look great with boots, so I'm excited to try it out with different options. And then also the Split Hem Skirt which is fantastic in white - which I still love for this season. I love the design features it has, like the long belt, the cutout at the waist and the little slit at the side, it's definitely a standout minimal piece unlike something we've had before.
Prices This release ranges from 11 to 21SD's which is about right for this sort of store, and there is one piece priced in SC's (and a good one at that!). Nothing is SS or Royalty limited.
Styled Outfits These were super quick looks to put together, it's such an easy collection to style! First up the Split Hem Skirt which I've paired minimally with black. I've gone a little biker-chick with all the leather pieces, and I think it really works. I'm excited to try out more boots with this skirt for other Autumn stylings^ Secondly pairing the Brown Turtleneck and the Black Toe Boots together, again adding white to this styling, which really makes the brown and the black pop out - this bag is for sure my favourite thing about the look really tying the pieces together =D And finally the Red Bag, I had so many options for this, so I'm excited to show off it's versatility - this time I picked navy and burgundy, which is such a beautiful combination, the bag still manages to hold its own with these trousers too! Love the gold detail on the belt as that really brings out the handle detail of the bag.
Features And now for the features. Our first is --Kayley who makes fabulous work of the Striped Skirt turning it into a super cool pair of trousers, so creative! The pieces work really nicely together, and I love the use of the green tube top, it looks great with the navy and red of the trousers. Also loving these fabulous sandals, they really catch attention in a styling =)
And then we have millaxx styling the Camo High Boots and French Cap in this super sleek look ready for Autumn with this interior and the velvet! Velvet makes a great contrast to the leather of the boots and the hat, I love that mix of textures. The yellow bag is the perfect bold pop, it makes for the perfect accessory, and I love the colour against the green^

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