Sunday, 24 June 2018

B A S I C S D E C O R | Suite Style / / Styled Suite

A few weeks back now we got some new BASICS Decor in the Plaza - a whole host of pieces from furniture to small decorative items and in a range of colours! I don't really think it justifies a whole review but I wanted to show how I styled things up in my suite. First up though, a feature! Tolady has gone to town with the release in this suite room and has focussed on the green pieces from the release - I'm particularly loving the Coffee Table Lime Punch with the bold leg colour, it pops so well in the whole room and of course the Chaise Lounge Sofa Charcoal looks like a great centre-piece =D
In my suite I've focused on the pink pieces from the release and took the opportunity to re-style on of my older suite rooms - I'm still loving this Seine view! I chose a lot of the smaller pieces to work with as the bigger furniture items would've crowded the view a little. I love the pale wooden base to the Tripod Lamp Blooming Dahlia, it's such a refreshing tone and works well with quite a few of the wooden pieces I already had, I think it's great with this chair! And of course the Shaggy Round Rug Blooming Dahlia, it's a great floor piece and I love layering it with similar textures which I think works well for my overall room design =D

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