Saturday, 16 June 2018

Hungry like the Wolf

I was fairly please with the Limited Edition drop this season - as a devoted follower of Schiaparelli, I was pleased to see so much of it...

After that misleading preamble, I can say that this look does not include any Schiaparelli, but this Gucci-inspired wolf jumper instead. 

Menswear jumpers are the best - they have the most interesting prints and, if you can get the sizing right, they layer fantastically. I've layered this one over another jumper to get the overly long sleeves effect and to try and disguise where I've resized. It works really well if you squint and/or are cross-eyed.

I've gone for a favourite, violent combo of mine: bruised-black-n-blue, with a nice punch of blood red. I think it's nicely at odds with the smart cut of the trousers and tie/shirt business. The overall effect I hope is ever so slightly unsettling. Like she might suddenly leap across the boardroom table to put you in your place...

I was going to wear some round-toe boots with it because I'm a little sick of the pointed stiletto, but it seemed much more apt to use shoes that you could skewer yourself on.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Gucci Inspired Wolf Sweater | Limited Edition
Lion Sweatshirt | Mr.
Red Plastic Coat | Je T'aime Pretty 'n' Love
Boxy Denim Blouse | Inspired by Balmain Tribute
Dior Inspired Wide Leg Denim | Dior Couture Tribute
Red Silk Tie | Voile
Ribcage Computer Case | Mr.
Embellished Slingback Pump | Subcouture

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