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J U N E 2018 | Hotbuys Review

I cannot believe we are now halfway through 2018! And here is our 6th Hotbuys Review, for June! I love the pastel pink theme that seems to run through most of this months offerings, it's current and fun and just what I'm after! There are a few pieces that I'm not so sure about, but it certainly looks better than last month at first glances!


Checked Bag - This. Bag! I just think this is a great piece - I adore the checks so much and the colours are beautiful! Both the pink and blue work together and with the white of the checking. I love the overall shape, it's super interesting and the design is fab, the ties and little additions and handles are fabulous. I'm quite surprised not to see more people wearing this! Bizou 22SD's
Pink Bow Sandals - So while I'm not too big on flat shoes or many pairs of sandals, these are pretty cute! Of course, being pink and having a little bow definitely help with that^ The perspex panelling is very current and modern and really contrasts the femininity of the overall style. The ankle strap has a cool cut too, I think these a pretty nice overall - again, not seen too many people go for these, but I'm looking forward to wearing them =) Evil Panda 17SD's
Gingham Poplin Dress - More checks! This dress was a favourite of mine from the advertising, I love the shape and the overall design. The checks are broken up nicely by their use in different colours and with the white portions mixed in. Love the high-low hemming design and the quirky cutout in the side, also the neckline with the ruffle-effect of the top piece, it's all just so pretty! It's got a spring-vibe to it so I think this will still be great next spring^ Bizou 26SD's
Pink Silk Earrings - Moving on a little from the pastels, these earrings are a much bolder pink - and glitzy! I love the darker tone of raspberry and the large size they have - plus that they're a pair, it saves me making sure they are in the same place on each ear^ I think they're a fun standout piece overall! It Girls 15SD's
Pink Vinyl Jacket - This jacket is a little edgier compared to the previous 4 pieces, and I quite like it in the mix of things! The colour is nice, and in perspex it's totally different to any other jackets. I love the over-shoulder style, it's a popular one and I think this is a great spring-summer version of the trend =D Velvet Orchid 28SD's
Platform Brogues - Ok so this is the first of the HBs which isn't really for me. I like a brogue, and I like a metallic shoe, but these just aren't quite right for me, I think it's the chunky-ness of the platform, I think it detracts from the great golden colour and doesn't make them as nice a shoe - sorry! Fallen Angel 19SD's
Polka-Dot Headband - This is another piece that's not for me, but I do think it's pretty cute^ I've never gotten on well with headbands in the past, but the bow is sweet and the mixed pastel colour design is really nice. If this was in a little neck scarf, or maybe even a cool skirt design or something, I'd be totally buying it, just not a headband. Pretty 'N Love 14SD's
Valentino Inspired Bag - I was a little unsure about this piece at first sight, and I'm still unsure about it now at the end of the month! I really like the idea of the bag, denim as a bag is fab and works in a lot of styles, but I think the way the fringing has been done makes it look a little less attractive for me, I don't know, it's just not quite as nice as I thought it would be when I tried it on my doll. The stud design is nice and I like the metalwork and the handle, but I'm just not 100% sure on this one - let me know what you guys think! Velvet Orchid 22SD's
Embroidered Dark Denim Shorts - I knew immediately I wouldn't like these, hotpants just aren't my thing at all and I think you all are aware of that! The denim colour is nice, but I think the butterfly design definitely adds a younger feel to these ... if they were a full length jean, I'd maybe consider then, but not as shorts. I did try them on and the fit didn't look quite right either, so a little disappointing. It Girls 20SD's
Valentino Inspired Denim Top - And to match the short, a bralette/crop top! The same comments again, this just isn't a piece for me. It still looks very young and I can't see it looking too good in a stylish way - please prove me wrong if you really love this piece, but it's just not my style! It Girls 19SD's

I love this layered up look for the Gingham Poplin Dress from Marta-43! It looks great with extra pieces layered beneath it which really lets the colour and the shape pop. And the accessory additions, these DIY sock-shoes are perfect and a great style fit with the dress, as are the sunglasses. The red bag is a great eye-catcher =)
Next up we have Eyrl wearing the Pink Vinyl Jacket paired with more pink - so great! I think the colour of the vinyl goes hand in hand with that of the dress, the combination works well for both pieces making them both attractive in this minimal styling, perfect^
And finally, trying to sell me on the Valentino Inspired Bag, a look from ManiakPupili! It's doing a good job at making me see the plus points of it^ I like the double-denim combination with the jeans, the dark wash works well to highlight the bag and the slight fray at the hem works well with the bag fringing. The neutral style to the rest of the look really lets the focus be on the bag, I'm really liking this combination =D

And finally, my stylings! So the first half of the months HBs were much more successful for me, and I've tried to style up pieces that I didn't feature above^ The Pink Silk Earrings are a dream match with this dress, couldn't get a closer colour pairing if I'd tried harder! Absolutely perfect styles for each other - sadly there were no perfect shoes in my wardrobe, or a bag, but the styles of these two pieces fit my overall vibe^ For the Checked Bag I had so much fun! I was going to pair it with it's matching dress, but to mix things up I found that this sweet wrap dress was also a perfect colour-match for the blue and it lets the pink pop nicely. The white tights and shoes add a youthful fun touch and I think it works out really well - the pink eyeshadow look also pops well =) And lastly the Pink Bow Sandals in my 'different' look! These trousers from Runway are a great pink for the sandals both in terms of colour and length, they show off all design aspects of the shoe^ I decided to try out more of the plastic side of things, and I quite like the overall look of these 3 pieces against the softer texture of the trousers, I think it works out for these sandals =D

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