Sunday, 3 June 2018

Green goddesses

Double the goodness with this one - at the end of last month I started spotting more and more people wearing the May HB's, and this is the first one, or I should say ones. Isabella8103 and minaj131 are looking fantastic in the Flower Green Skirt and both styling it differently!
I love the pink sequins and tee layered in Isabella8103's look, and that bright bag, the bold tones go well together as do the prints on each piece. Love the strapped sandals, and also the earrings and sunglasses - everything matches up pretty perfectly for this stand out look. In contrast, minaj131 is all about that green, these tones are a perfect fit! Love the unique style and design of the top to match the individuality of the skirt, and the accessories are spot on, from the wedges to the big jewel pieces and the pretty pink eyeshadow =D

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