Friday, 22 June 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Striped Tie Waist Skirt

A smart summer skirt this week for these stylings - the Striped Tie Waist Skirt from PEARLS which came out just at the end of last summer so this is our first summer season with it. And this is an SC piece so very easily affordable for everyone to enjoy, hooray! I haven't styled this one since last year, but seeing one or two people styling it this season definitely pushed me to choose it for this post.
Collared smarting shirts and skirts
The colours of the skirt make it a classic workwear sort of piece, a good shirt is a must and my wardrobe is full of them! It's also full of some fabulous matching shoes all with a little something special! White shirt+pointed white heels; match-y blue shirt+origami blue striped shoes!
Blue pairing tones
There are many great blue tones available to buy, and many of them work well with this skirt! I like both the striped and the minimal styles, but a dark navy is great for a pop too^ And also many great handbag choices, whether clutch or handheld. Couldn't resist a matching bow shoe for the belted tie of the skirt with this one =)
Summer pieces call for camisoles
And casual! This skirt works well casual too, and with trainers, white is such a versatile colour and makes a good base for these light summer camisole choices. These work tucked and untucked and make a good minimalist style. The skirt still stands out, the volume is fantastic with these pieces!

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