Wednesday, 6 June 2018

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Brand new Velvet Orchid in the Plaza recently - all with a lilac-hue-theme, which is replicated in the advertising and I think really sells the release as a current one with popular styles and trends. For me, it's a bit of a mixed bag, some great pieces mixed in with some not-so-great pieces, but I was happy to be able to style a few pieces up and to show some great features from you guys!
First up dm2udm2u wearing the Fishnet High Boots and Colour Block Leather Biker Trousers looking great with this colour-matched shirt, it's like the pieces were made for each other^ The shirt design opens nicely to highlight the best parts of the trousers. The accessorising is great too, love this silver bag and the shiny earrings which work well with the silver panel on the trousers =)
Miver is also styling the Fishnet High Boots in this very sleek and classic way, focusing on black - the short skirt really lets the legs and the fishnet pattern take all the focus here! I think the look is balanced really well with the bustier and sheer jacket on top. Very classic - I wish I was cool enough to pull a style like this off!
And then my stylings - first up with the Multicoloured Strappy Sandals in a matching look with blue metallic trousers^ I love the colours in the sandals, they open up quite a few directions for stylings, the blue came immediately to me, but there's pink and silver very clearly there too, so plenty of options. I used pink in my tophalf and love the contrast of the softness of the sweater with the metallic. Secondly two looks with the Cropped Vinyl Jacket which really was the first piece to appeal to me in the store, it's got such cool vibes - those ones I'm always after^ I was surprised that I found so many options for styling it, and decided on these two to show for their contrasts. Firstly going lighter with this floaty beige skirt, I like the drastic colour difference and then the green-hued accessories work well with the burgundy, the sheen on the boots particularly so. And then with my favourite burgundy trousers, these were the first thing that came to mind with this jacket and I'm glad they work out together. The white shirt breaks up the dark colours and the gold accessories add the metallic touch that the rest of the collection has =D

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