Sunday, 10 June 2018

W I N D O W S O N T H E W O R L D | Release Review

Brand new Windows On The World in the Plaza, themed on Turkey, with both a daytime and evening floor which I think is a great idea to showcase a range of styles! The advertising is bright and light and perfect for summer =D
Highlights As I mentioned, the release is split between daytime and evening looks, which means there's a whole lot more in terms of style to choose from! We are quite spoiled for choice^ There is one male look in the release, and a couple of interiors plus decor pieces.
Accessories There aren't a huge number of accessories with this release, I think they do get a little swamped by all the clothing. There are 6 pairs of shoes, all in the style of mule sandals but in a range of designs and colours. For me I think the Sanayi313 Inspired Mules really stand out - they're totally different and have a bronzed/brown tone to them which looks tweed-like but is actually sequins. The embellishment is pretty cool too. I didn't pay so much attention to the Flower Lilac Sandals at first, but when you zoom in to view the details they look stunning! So intricate and cool, the colours are beautiful and I think they will be a great addition to many looks. And of course the Flower Mules in Black and Blue - these really stand out with their bright florals but they also look fantastic, just so current^ There is just one bag, the Sanayi313 Inspired Metallic Pouch to match the shoes, it's pretty nice too. Then there are some headpieces, the matching Head Lace Scarf Blue and Pink, and also some jewellery - the Floral Filigree Earrings which are absolutely stunning =D
Clothing So many pieces on offer and they are split well into two categories.
     Casual daytime These pieces are all about the brights and florals, they fill the floor completely! The Flower Feather Skirt really stood out to me with it's cool colours, midi length and split in the leg, super summery and modern. Also loving the bold pink choice in the Bora Aksu Inspired Top and Skirt co-ord, it's super pretty with a great unique design to the shape and patterning. Of course, can't forget the pink pastel silk co-ord either, the Zejnep Kartal Inspired Jacket and Floral Lilac Trousers which are delicate and pretty. Also in the skirt choice, the Fishnet Highwaist Skirt which I'm still a little unsure about, I think it looks cool but I'm not sure how 'me' it is - I also like how it looks with the Moon Star Sweater, they're a great pairing!
     Eveningwear Darker tones and glitzy glamour are exuded from these choices! Naturally my eye goes straight for trousers, the Feather Grey Trousers which are super cool with a sheer quality and a soft look to their sparkles, love them! I am also really quite loving the Zejnep Kartal Inspired Dot Dress because what's not to love about these polka dots?!?! It looks like a perfect summer evening piece in black and sheer, I absolutely love the shape and fit of it! The Safiyaa Inspired White and Navy Jumpsuits are pretty trendy. These have a great cut and look very flattering on the doll - they're versatile pieces and will work in a number of stylings, and I really quite like the Blue Cape to match.
Prices This release ranges from 10 to 37SD's, with most pieces well below the upper limit. I think these prices are fine, but they add up quickly when you buy many things!
Styled Outfits Had fun working with these pieces and think I can fit many of these items into my summer wardrobe! First up the Flower Feather Skirt styled in a red based look to let those red feathers stand out, I knew immediately I wanted to wear it with this off-shoulder top and I think it looks great^ Secondly the Moon Star Sweater which I've styled in silver - not sure I love the outcome, but at least it's a little more than the white jeans I was going to go for. But I do love this silvery clutch with the sweater though! And lastly the Feather Grey Trousers which I've styled more in a day look rather than evening, but I think they look fab! I layered them with another pair of silver trousers which shields the sheerness of them. The white blouse is a classic and the silver shoes and bag keep the glamorous touch.
Features And of course the features! First up crayzmkalpBebek wearing the Flower Collar White Shirt and the Fishnet Highwaist Skirt which brings a touch of edge and femininity. And the pieces have a very slimming effect on the doll. The silvery accessories, in the bag, shoes and earrings are also very fitting =)
Mia1435 makes use of the cool Sanayi313 Inspired Mules in this country-esque styling, very cool, I love it! The shoes really stand out with the skirt hem falling just above the ankle and the colours matching perfectly. I love the English-countryside vibe to the white shirt, brown jacket and tartan shoulder piece combination!
Of course millaxx stands out in pink pairing the Bora Aksu Inspired Top and Skirt - the layering with the shirt with frilled sleeves is a cute idea and really adds to the look with an individual touch. Love the red strapped heels to pair with the lacing, and the short hairstyle and big golden earrings are a good finishing touch^
And lastly miver, wearing both the Feather Grey Trousers and the Floral Filigree Earring Left - it's minimal but effective. I love the blue body with the silver, and it lets the earring really pop. The accessorising is again minimal, but works well with the perspex shoes and the sheeny clutch =)

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