Friday, 8 June 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | June 2016

And here we are back to June 2016! Have to say, definitely not strong HB's, I wasn't a huge fan when they came out and I'm still not now - in fact I was very limited in this post because I've sold 8/10 of the pieces, luckily being left with two pieces to style up^ And again they are accessories, the Jimmy Choo Inspired Wedges and the Two Tone Satchel, I've worn this bag a few times, including in the Bag It Up Challenge:
I'm feeling a little mixed, I love the idea of the nude/pink tones with these tan wedges, but I don't think the idea has been executed as well as I would have liked ... I'm not the biggest fan of platforms to start with, I think I just needed to try out a few more pieces with them to see if there was a better choice, maybe a dress instead, to show off a little leg? I do really like my second styling with the bag, the black and white print skirting works well for the matching toned bag, I kept the rest of the styling very plain with just black to let the bag pop and I think that has been a success - next time for colour with it =D

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