Monday, 25 June 2018

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T ED | June 2017

I do think these HB's from last year were a little 50-50 in terms of working out well - some pieces just are a little odd and tricky to style, but then there's some fantastic additions as well! There's a lot of denim with this one, and the Loose Fit Denim Jacket was one of the TSL Top Picks for the 2017 HB's. The piece I absolutely adore are the Metallic Peach Pumps, I wear them quite regularly, and the Lace Detail Smart Pants are also pretty great. But this time around I'm working with the Miu Miu Inspired Jewel Bag and the Rock N Rolle Tulle Denim Jacket:
I absolutely adored this bag the first time around and I really liked styling it again - this newer peach skirt is an amazing fit in terms of colour, so I am glad I have it! And the shoes, these are a cute pair that I've not seem many others wear and I think they're great in this combination. I kept neutral in the top and not too over-the-top with the sunglasses and I think it works out well for the bag! The jacket isn't a top choice of mine, but something has made me keep it for the last year - I'm surprisingly happy with my look, I love these quirky mesh trousers with the tulle, I think it's an interesting texture and sure catches your eye. I used silver as an accent and I think it looks pretty good with the buttons on the jacket. I think this one worked out ok, but the question is is this jacket going to last in my wardrobe?! 

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