Sunday, 12 July 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #11

I haven't forgotten about this challenge, but this week has been very busy for me - nevertheless here is the next piece of jewellery, the Holiday Hot Buys Nelly Cascade Earrings (that's a mouthful!) from Nelly. They originally cost me 10SD's and were in one of the Holiday Hot Buys calendars from the past few years, and the are available to be sold - so you can check out the Bazaar for them if you'd like to purchase!
Again like last time, I styled the earrings with a makeup look and then one outfit - and I couldn't NOT wear this dress (the Ralph & Russo Inspired Gown)! It was like fate that I ended up buying it and I'm glad I've gotten a use out of it now! Plus I think it just worked magically well with the makeup look considering I did that first before contemplating what I would wear. And I don't think the makeup is that bad for me, haha, I'm progressing in my makeup skills, woohoo^^

Overall I'm super happy - but what do you guys think? Let me know in comments!


  1. The makeup is perfect and the earrings match perfectly with the dress! Love it! :D