Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Deep Lips | S T Y L E D B Y Y O U

{images from google search for 'dark lips'}
Lipstick is a beauty item which is fast becoming my favourite in the Beauty Parlor, and I love trying all the different colours on offer in the Plaza. Some are definitely not for me, like the yellows and the greens and blues, but with over 150 lip products in the Plaza, there is most definitely more than one perfect colour for everyone!
I go on about burgundy lips quite a lot I think, and I LOVE a good deep lip colour, but for me they're always a struggle because often these great dark tones don't work with my skin tone - I think I tried one once and was told to stop being a wannabe goth! Which seems a little eccentric, but looking back the black was probably not the best idea with my skin tone. I also think the lips that my doll has just aren't the best for darker colours with the teeth showing.
Dolls which absolutely ROCK the dark lips - black and true deep deep burgundy shades are those with darker skin, and there are so many dolls working the style (not just right now, but all the time - I think I've just not taken so much notice before) that I wanted to give them a feature (also no teeth in any of the lips chosen, I think that's the key!):
Boy do I wish I could work these dark lips with an amazing smokey black eye like these dolls do - I also wanna point out that I seem to have subconsciously picked those who accessorise so well, I'm a tad jealous - great lips? Check. Great eye makeup? Check. Fab accessorising? Check. I totally need to turn my game up^^

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