Sunday, 5 July 2015

Fever Styled Outfits

So todays post is my Fever styled outfits, as promised! I had a lot of fun making these because I think the pieces are very versatile and you could come up with so many different pieces to wear with them - a whole weekend worth of fun, haha! I've bought a few more pieces now, but I've chosen the two pieces which stood out to me most from the collection:
I was very much feeling the off the shoulder tops with the Pretty Lace Shorts! I honestly thought I had a PPQ pair just like these, but I guess I sold them so I'm pleased that I got this pair. Finding great shoes was pretty challenging and I don't think any of these pairs are right with the shorts, but with the time I had I think I chose ones that kinda just did their job. My favourite? That's a tough question, but probably the 3rd most likely because it's boiling and I just wanna wear this!
Inspiration dropped a little with these looks including the Paperbag Waist Trousers - the first look felt alright when I made it, but once I'd got it open in photoshop .. totally not feeling it. Although I love the deep red/maroon of the shoes and the bag with the trousers, but I feel like I've made this combination with dusky pink trousers before! I like the second look more, the whites just look good with these and I stuck with the typical pinks for the accessories. Overall ... myeah, I prefer Miloshki's look that I featured in the review, look at hers and not mine, haha!

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  1. I love your outfits with the shorts! I don't like so much shorts in general, but you made change my opinion about these one.
    They are so cute and perfect for the summer.

    Great post!