Monday, 20 July 2015

Sheer - light and airy

The summer LE collection has really been doing the rounds recently and I've seen it being worn a lot more - including in this look from anisa123 =) This look really skims around the sheer issue of the Mint Floral Gown (sadly sold out - although as mentioned in my Meadow Couture Skirt post, there are a few items still available!) with a basics white skirt beneath, and I think it transforms this dress into something easily wearable! The Melbourne Minimalism Chiffon Cardigan is a great choice and keeps the light and airy feel that the dress originally had. Accessories well chosen, the wedges are nice and don't detract from the look and the bag plus necklace add the perfect amount of glam. The hair is also amazing - those flowing locks are really selling me this whole look^

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