Saturday, 4 July 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #10

Ten pieces in already - and the first pair of earrings today! These are the Amaryllis Earrings from Glam 'R Us and I think they're sellable in the Bazaar (my Bazaar is a mess, I don't think even it knows what it's doing), but I did a quick search and have discovered that the Bazaar jewellery search is shockingly bad, only have the brands are there and you can only search via brand or colour, not even type! Not feeling that Stardoll (hint hint!)^
So with earrings I decided to do something different because in the suite you often can't see the detail, so I've styled a look and a makeup look - which is another reason why I've ignored the complaints of only using necklaces so far because I don't wanna put out a half-hearted makeup look and as makeup is my weakest styling part, I waited so I could give myself some more practice and ideas!
With my clothing I went for an obvious white base to let the bright jewels stand out - and I finally got to use this Dior-inspired Hotbuys bag with its green accent pulling the earrings together with it.
My makeup is pretty much based on the tones of the earrings, I started with a green base from the eyeliner on the top lid, then did a dark red shade which I toned down with a light pink - for me this is pretty good, considering I'm not a makeup person at all! These pieces aren't all still available in Dot, however I've had a browse and there are very similar shades of all 3 items available =)

So what do you guys think of this for this type of jewellery in this challenge? Worth the wait to let me get used to the makeup more? Let me know in comments!


  1. It doesn't look like you're not a makeup person at all, it looks good! Sometimes, simplistic makeup like this can be more difficult to put on than normal makeup (like a smokey eye). So, its quite nice! And the outfit looks good too!

  2. Love your makeup and hair! They are perfect with the earrings.