Saturday, 11 July 2015

Nelly Styled Outfits

Here's my looks from the new Nelly release this week - I only bought a few clothing pieces really, and that Raspberry Polo is definitely trickier than I originally thought! So let's take a look at what I've come up with:
I wanted to wear some great trousers with this top so badly, but nothing was working out - so skirts it is! A classic white in the first look in the form of the Sleeveless Neoprene Dress from Melbourne Minimalism (it's on last chance in the Plaza right now, so get it while you can!) paired with white heels. I kinda liked this cardigan combination with the top, however I think I need to find the right bottom half for it to work out =) My second look is one I'm not sure about, because I loved the pink on pink at first! I broke it up a little with this white over the shoulder jacket (also Melbourne Minimalism) and these very adorable white heels, which I think are perfect with this skirt and are a pairing I would wear again.
Now for the Slim Biker Jacket, which I simply adored styling! I found it so easy to pick things up and match them, so these two looks came very quickly! This Nelly dress is a perfect match for making the look work in the summer I think, although I've stuck to a definite classic look with simple heels and adorned it off with this Nelly gold necklace (bit of Nelly overload here!) - just to find the perfect bag to work with it I think =D My second look is one I really love so much, but is more autumnal with the heavy amount of dark colours. These black slacks are great and add such a casual look to the jacket but don't pull the overall look into a casual category. I stuck with these amazing PPQ Mules for shoes, and I went a little unconventional with this Navy YH tank, but the neckline detail of the chain really drew me to choosing it.

Overall, I think these pieces are great and I think they do highlight a good collection, it's a pity the rest of it wasn't for me! What do you think of my looks? Let me know in comments!


  1. I`m not a fan of Nelly, but you handled these cheap looking clothes really well :)
    Regrettably you never write down all the clothes` brands :(

  2. I like the second one of the biker jacket so much!!